Marpo Kinetics enjoys a wide range of clients including the top gym chains around the world, small and medium sized chains and franchises, single location health facilities of all sizes, physical therapy and medical facilities, all military branches, police and fire stations, as well as small training centers, personal trainers, and home users. See some of our clients below as well as what some of our clients have to say about our fine products and service.
Mike Feeney Executive Vice President, New Evolution Ventures (UFC Gym, Crunch)

"We have been a huge fan of the Marpo Rope Trainers for years. Love training on it. This product fits into our philosophy of Train Different. Exercise options are endless and its fun."

Joshua Morehouse Club Manager San Ramon, Super Sport (24 Hour Fitness)

"Love all the variations you can do on this device. Great burn for your back, biceps, triceps, shoulders and abs."

Joe Walker MPT at EZIA Human Performance

"The Rope Trainer is one of the most functional pieces of equipment I have ever used. I use it with a lot of my patients who are professional snowboarders for their core rotation. I currently use it with a patient who is a paramedic. He needed to train for a lift test (carrying a gurney up the stairs) so I had him in a squat position working his upper body strength and core. Marpo helped him pass the test of the physical demands his work requires of him."

Joel San Nicolas Owner, Suncrest Fitness

"WOW! Awesome machine! Everyone loves it. It's a very functional piece and gets used a lot by our members."

Steven Graves Owner, Anytime Fitness

"Marpo Rope Climbers generate more positive feedback from members and staff than any other piece. The compact footprint really helps because space is tight at our facility."

Kurt Hansen Fitness Director, Lakeridge Tennis Club

"Everyone loves the Rope Trainer; it's a great piece. There is always someone on the machine. You have gone above and beyond anything we expected in terms of product and customer service."

Ryan Gallop Director of Coaching at EZIA Human Performance

"The Marpo Rope Trainer is an amazing tool to improve upper body and core aerobic and anaerobic endurance. We have also found it very beneficial in working with athletes with lower body injuries that still need to improve their conditioning."

Fitness Director Fort Campbell

"Everyone loves the Marpo Rope Trainers. We use these machines regularly for strength and cardio training. They are great, reliable tools for our training programs."

US Military Academy West Point

"The team likes the unit very much, the feedback has been very good and most guys are always excited to get on it each day."

Athletic Program Manager USMC, Camp Butler

"These machines really help on the functional training side, especially since the last obstacle in the Marine Corps obstacle course is a rope climb."

Cody Carter Director of Programs at EZIA Human Performance

"The Rope Trainer is great to use with our clients of all abilities that need to focus on disassociation between their upper and lower body, especially golfers.

Eiji Tezuka President and CEO, Think Fitness Japan

"Marpo Rope Trainers are popular with users at all of our locations where they are installed. Trainers and members appreciate their effective and fun workouts. Gym managers use these machines to impress and attract new prospects. Marpo Kinetics has proven itself as a reliable, trustworthy supplier."

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